"I've always had an insatiable thirst for experience."


I was raised with my time split between two very different slices of America. Born on the beaches of San Diego, raised as a wrestler in rural Ohio, then released into the wild that was urban Cleveland in the late 90’s. Equal parts surfer, cowboy and rock n roller, I’ve spent time as a construction worker, ranch hand, nightclub manager, drug smuggler, sommelier, real estate agent, foreclosure fund manager, mentor to teenage boys, packaged food entrepreneur, artist manager and most recently an actor.

I’ve always had a gift for guiding others.   My single mother began taking counsel at a young age when she recognized I had a way of listening and advising that was different from most adults, let alone children. I had an organic aptitude to master skills and transmit them in ways that are easy to absorb.  I began my life-long love affair with wrestling and martial arts at the age of 8 and shortly after I noticed that my coaches would have me walk around and explain the techniques we were learning to my peers. By high school I felt as if I was part teammate and part coach.  A few years later I would find myself obsessed with fine wines and how they pair with food while working as a waiter.  Within a short period of time I was taking my sommelier certification and training my coworkers on tasting, pairing and selling the juice. Next came my real estate career. My instinctual capability to make people feel comfortable allowed me to shepherd them through what can often be a very stressful and scary transaction.

’ve been married, divorced, made six figure commissions, declared bankruptcy, been audited by the IRS, travelled the world and my dog died. It’s been a country music song. I share all of this to say, I’ve been around and seen a few things in my time on this planet. 

’ve pursued my passions of surfing, martial arts, cooking, cycling, dance, literature, women, wine, song and anything in the ocean with reckless abandon. I’ve been trained in meditation, breath-work, neuro-linguistic programming, energy work, jiu-jitsu, qi-gong, and Human Design. Through my inquiries and injuries, I have acquired an encyclopedic knowledge on the subjects of nutrition, movement, relationships, negotiations, plant medicine, astrology, ancient philosophy and metaphysics. I love to devour information and apply it to my life in service of optimizing my instrument and realizing happiness as a more dominant feature in my life.  

 Through all these years, I was clearly on a spiritual journey.  Some would call it an evolution or an awakening, yet it often felt much more like an annihilation or a death.  The truth is, it has been both.  I continued to be a trusted advisor and as my own frequency began to shift the content and potency of these engagements deepened.

his life has given me so much for which to be grateful.  Not the least of which, I now realize, were some incredibly challenging times.  Those obstacles were treasures that allowed me to face my fears and to trust in the power of creative intelligence to organize my destiny. 

I’ve learned to love humanity unconditionally.  My life has developed a theme of giving time and kindness to those who ask. My experience as a mentor continues to show me the universal necessity to serve others is an essential component to happiness. My unique story; my set of skills, experiences, shadows, and blessings have uncovered my gift of intuitively facilitating this personal journey by guiding you into your awareness and it is an honor to be of service.